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Honoring Our History

The Honoring Our History campaign strives to fulfill the principles of access, inclusivity and tolerance by digitizing social justice collections that are in the archives at the Brandeis Library. For the past few months we have highlighted many collections such as the Leo Frank letters and newspaper articles, The Helmut Hirsch Collection , The Spitzer Family Papers, The Jewish Feminism Collection and the University Photography Collection . They are stories about injustices to be told and shared worldwide.

Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections Eleanor Roosevelt—Lecture for General Education Class April 17, 1958 Jewish Resistance Collection.
This Collection contains a range of materials including underground publications, both printed and mimeographed, by German Communist and French Jewish resisters to the Nazi regime before and during WWII: International post-war reports (governmental and non-governmental ) documenting the persecution and extermination of Jews and the course of several Nuremberg trials: Nazi paraphernalia, and contemporary post-war magazine and newspaper articles on Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

In many homes there are boxes and albums inherited by family members that are fading and deteriorating with the passage of time. So many faces and past celebrations that can no longer be identified. What are the forgotten stories that surround these photos? A family history lost forever.

Please support Honoring Our History!
For more information please contact
Campaign Chairs Carol Kern,
and/or Judy Levine,

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