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Membership Vice President:

As membership vice-president, I have really enjoyed welcoming so many new members into our Brandeis Conejo Valley family. As they join study groups, come to events and make new friends it Is great to see others enjoy it as much as I do. You can be as active as you want to be; join many groups or just one, come to all events or only a select few, join the board and help the chapter become even greater. It is your choice. As long as you are a member, it is a win-win situation.

If you have any friends or family interested in learning more about our chapter, please have them contact me.

Membership V.P: Elaine Leff

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New members signed
from July to December 2017!

 Ellen Southard    Wendy Block   Marion Miller    Jessica Dennis
 Linda Hull    Susan Moses  Dennis Mariglia    Miriam Brauner
 Sandy Cohen    Audrey Rich  Jerry and Claire Weissman    Carol Weiss
 Judy and Michael Taback  Linda and Mel Le Vine    Billie Sontag
  Brenda Rudin    Lorraine Levin  Laurel and Kenneth Wolf    Ann Gurian
  Judy Levine    Ray Bonnie and Ken  Elaine and Larry Grant    Ken Ray
  Marilyn Lippel    Brenda Rudin   Myrna and Phil Binderman    Ilene Schmidt
 Jackie and Ronal Pizitz   Barbara and Albert Meister    Jessica Dennis
  Sue Wellerstein    Paul Owens  Bonnie Ray    Madelyne Coopersmith
  Lynne Solursh    Linda Ramis   Fern Capeloto    Alice Wolman
  Maxine Brenner    Howard Nathans