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Membership Vice President:

I am so excited to be starting my second year as membership vice - president.
I get to meet so many interesting and nice people.
I don't have to do much as people keep hearing about our warm, welcoming chapter and contacting me. We have something for everyone: study groups, eating and on the go groups and our many events. And you can do as much or as little as you want. Tell your friends and we can add to their lives also.

Don't forget to renew your membership. And if you are not sure, call or email me and we can see what we need to do to keep you happy. Looking forward to seeing you throughout the year.

If you have any friends or family interested in learning more about our chapter, please have them contact me.

Membership V.P: Elaine Leff

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New members signed
from January to September 2018!

 Trish Tanenbaum    Marcia Meinhardt   Diane Cohan    Patti Sokoler
 Carol Serber    Tammy Rubin  Gail Zanger    Florence Prushan
 Barbara and Larry Hilburn    Esther Wahl  Yolanda Benitez    Carol Kieschnick
 Sandy and Larry Kaplan     Phyllis Fisher     Mario Carron    Jane Carron
  Sharon Watnick    Barbara Roach  Hal and Joan Wexler    Linda Ross
  Donna Miller    Diane Wainwood   Ilene Greenspan    Charlotte Brown
  Gillina Kaltman    Barbara Chenen   Marlene Glick    Carol Crovisier
  Fern Reisner    Evie Koster   Linda Brown    Shelley and Jeffrey Fryer
  Rona Greenstadt    Arlette Coblentz   Jo Ann Wacht    Mary Eastman
  Bunny Rosenkrantz