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Study group updates - MARCH 2018:

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Hi Everyone:

Do you love to go to the theater? A new group will be forming to attend theater productions in the San Fernando and Conejo Valley areas.

A study group called "Women in the Know" is looking for members. They meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00.

A new Couples Potpourri group is starting and remember we are still adding to our Book Clubs.

We also have openings for Women Behind the Presidents group as well as the women's discussion group called Our Views.

Interest in a couples Wine Appreciation Group as well as a men's and couples Maj Group have been expressed.

Please contact our Study Group Vice Presidents if you are interested.

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Let Brandeis Study Groups make this a great and busy year and do not forget our other ways to make life easy.

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On Sat Dec 23,2017 (at the age of 75) I became a Bat Mitzvah, along with 7 other adult women. It was one of the most amazing days of my life and it would not have happened were it not for the Conejo Valley Chapter, of Brandeis National Committee.
In one of our monthly Study Group E-mail blasts I read " Are you interested in learning to read Hebrew?". I have wanted to do this for years and years and years. I tried on my own, and previously went to a class that never continued long enough; and so I was ready to try again. At out first Brandeis class our teacher, Nancy Federman, introduced herself and we learned she teaches adult B'nai Mitzvah classes at her synagogue. Nancy is an amazing teacher, she has the patience of Job and the understanding of how to teach adults. She is a member of our chapter and was willing to take on these 10 men and women who wanted to learn to read Hebrew.
We began by learning our Aleph Bet, then we started to read words and it was really exciting when we read words and phrases that we had been hearing in synagogue for years and years. Then we started tackling the Shabbat prayers and Nancy would explain what the words meant.
Thus, in the fall of 2017, when my synagogue offered an Adult B'nai Mitzvah class I was now ready to give this a try. The others in my Bat Mitzvah class also had learned to read Hebrew in prior synagogue classes or with private lessons so we were all at about the same level; that of first grade readers. And thus began our training to become proficient with our prayers and learn to read from the Torah.
The journey was a joy and the actual day was a highlight of my life and it would not have happened without the Conejo Valley Chapter of Brandeis

Carol Smith

Updates and Photos from various Study Groups:

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Day Time Divas visiting Santa Susana Train Depot in Simi Valley - February 2018
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Potpourri study group had a blast on our karioke day singing, laughing and keeping the beat - February 2018

"Divas at the Fire Station"
November 2017

Rene celebrating her 90th Birthday!
March 2018

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Gadabouts - On The Town Couples Study Group
visiting wonderful exhibit "Genghis Khan" at the Regan Library - March 2018
The women of Dine and Discover were mesmerized to hear the unbelievable true story of Tomas Kovar who survived the holocaust. Tomas is the husband of Rita Kovar one of our members. We listened on the edge of our seats to his saga of survival.
Tomas Kovar was born in 1936 in a small town in Slovakia. When he was eight years old, Nazi Germany invaded its former ally Slovakia. Tomas and his family sensed the looming danger, and fled to the mountains with a group of partisans. They hid in the small village of Ponicka Huta with a non-Jewish family until liberation in March 1944.
After the war, Tomas and his parents moved to Chile, where he married and lived until immigrating to Los Angeles in 1965. He currently lives in Thousand Oaks.

Dine and Discover
(unfortunatly, we don't have clear picture from this event)

Are you Puzzled about what Legal Puzzlers Study Groups are all about?

Our group has been in existence for over ten years, meeting each month at a different member's home. The hostess is responsible for providing the topic for discussion. Our format is constantly changing with the times. We may debate legal issues regarding the current government policies, discuss a supreme court case, watch a movie pertaining to a legal issue, or have a guest speaker. We become the best of what a jury should be.
Laraine Karelitz and Sue Ruttenberg Kessler,
Co Leaders
Brandeis Players in its seventh year is led by Sid Wilner, a professional actor.
Sid has been a member of SAG/AFTRA and AEA for 35 years. His very extensive resume includes roles in Movie, TV and Theatre productions. None of the members in the group are actors. No critics, Do your best... Just have fun and enjoy!! We meet every month on the 4th-Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Scripts are then distributed for the following month. The roles for the reading assigned one week prior to the meeting via e-mail. For most scripts you will have multiple roles. And this is important...No "Stars" Everyone will read about the same amount of lines.
Sid Wilner

"Knosh and Knowledge"
Knosh & Knowledge Luncheon - June 27th, 2017
The CHP 'Age Well Drive Smart' presentation was very well received this past Tuesday by 24 luncheon guests. The CHP volunteer presenters were Stu Olesker, my husband, and Harry Peck. The CHP Public Information officers were Leland Tang, who answered the many questions that everyone had, and Wes Haven.
On the left is a picture of Linda and me receiving the Certificate of Participation and a copy of the certificate.

Jackie Olesker
Lantern Masters, Inc.

Life and Times:
A Study Group to Pique Your Interest!
Life and Times

Life & Times is a great group of women who meet to discuss both notable women in history and topics of interest to all of us. Each month the person who is hosting the meeting does a short bio on a woman she admires, followed by a report on a topic of interest to her. Past topics have included women inventors, art history, women poets, stroke awareness, recycling, heart health, and Jews in China. Our presentations are followed by lively discussions. We avoid political and personal topics.
For more information please contact our leader,
Sharon Cohen,

Literary Potpourri celebrating their Anniversary, with the same people as they started with.

We are a book group that was established as a Valley Group and later moved into Conejo Valley.

Our Leader is Sherrie Weisman

Divas on the tour of Van Nuys Airport (click on the pictures to enlarge)