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Study group updates -- AUGUST 2021:


Dear Members:

We continue to offer our members participation in the following study groups. What a grand opportunity to reconnect. At this time, groups are meeting in person, "Zooming", and a combination of both!

Be sure to keep current with all Brandeis Conejo Valley has to offer!

Brandeis Study Groups and Programs

We are pleased to offer our members immediate participation in the following Study Groups. Join one of our many stimulating groups and continue your essential support of Brandeis University!

Book Ends, meeting on the 3rd Monday, 1:30 pm, is a delightful group of eight women who explore a multitude of genres selected personally by each individual member. We warmly welcome members who enjoy delving into healthy discussions. These discussions are stimulating, sometimes taking on a life of their own. When it is your month's book selection, you're asked to lead the discussion, providing author background as well as discussion questions. We are a hybrid group, some meeting in person, others virtually.

Contact Linda Brown for further information.

Red reflects potential Study Groups in the planning stages looking for support. (If no name/email address is associated with the group, contact the Study Group V.P. listed at the beginning of each set of groups.

Pam Muler (click here to send email directly to Pam)
~ Women in the Know: Women's Current Events 2nd Tuesday, 1:00 pm
~ Legal Divas: Women's Legal Puzzler 2nd Monday 10:30 am
~ Movie Buffs: Couples Move Group 4th Sunday 4:00 pm
~ Hang'em All: Couples Legal Puzzler 4th Thursday, 4:00 pm
~ Hot Topics: Men's Current Events 3rd Wednesday 10:00 am
~ Drama Queens: Women's Multi Media Discussion Group 3rd Sat. 3:30 pm
~ Current Event Mavins: Men's CE 2nd Tuesday 9:30 am
~ Films Are Us: Couples Movie Group 3rd Sunday 5 pm

Florence Prushan: (click here to send email directly to Florence)
~~ People Who Make A Difference: Women’s discussion group to begin in September.
Contact Sharon Cohen to be included in the planning stages:
~~ New men's group: Historical fiction or nonfiction. Subject matters may or may not include war, must be well written, and preferably award-winning books. Book selection process by consensus. Initially will meet on Zoom and, when appropriate, will meet live.
Contact Paul Fisher,, 310-871-5177.
~~ Jewish History Discussion Group: The Ten Commandments, Jewish rituals, Judaic articles. Consider adding your input into our newly forming group for men, women. Stan Smith has graciously offered to take the lead in all things organizational.
Contact Stan directly:
Contact him directly:
~~ The Unbook Club: Interested in critiquing books you have read, offer recommendations, share your reading joys?
~ Talmud & Current Issues: 1st Wed. 11:45 Women's Group lead by Rabbi Lisa
Contact for additional details.

~ Anything Goes: Women's Discussion Group 2nd Thursday 10:00 am
~ Book Ends: Women's Book Club 3rd Monday 1:30 pm
~ Keep It Short: Men's Women's Short Story Book Club 2nd Wednesday 1:00 pm
~ Monday Book Tribe: Women's Book Club 1st Monday Noon
~ Let's Talk: Women's Discussion 2nd Wed. 10:30 am
~ Notable Women: Women's Discussion 2nd Monday 10:30 am
~ Bits & Pieces: Ladies Potpourri 3rd Thursday 10:00 am
~ Time Travelers: Women's non-fiction book club 2nd Tuesday 3:00 pm
~ The Good Bad & Ugly: Women's Discussion 2nd Thursday 10:30 am

Janet Brasler (click here to send email directly to Janet)
~ Advances in Science: Men's Hot Topics 2nd Wed. 1pm
~ Mahj Babes: Women's mahj game played at Breakfast Cafe, Oak Park, Tuesdays 10:00 am.
~ Out of the Box: Critical thinking discussions 3rd Friday 10:30 am Men/Women
~ Monday Morning Quarterbacks: Men's discussion 1st Monday 10:00 am
~ Knosh & Knowledge: Women's discussion 4th Tuesday Noon
~ Art & About: Women's Art Group 4th Thursday 10:00 am
~ Just For Fun: 4th Wednesday Ladies Virtual on the Town
~ Just for Laughs: Men's discussion comedy/jokes 1st Friday 2 pm
~ Financial Group: open to both men and women. Financial risks discussed may include rising inflation, fluctuating interest rates, stock market volatility, and performance of retirement plans. Public policy risks could include the possibility of higher taxes and reduced benefits from Medicare and Social Security. Guest speakers - no infomercials.
~ Multidimensional, historic/contemporary discussion of War: military, diplomatic, philosophical, social, political & economic dimensions of human conflict. Defense policy, strategic planning, ethics, deterrence theory and discussing books and/or movies about war
~ Social/Emotional Support Group for both men/women, facilitated by a professional psychologist/Rabbi/or other clergy. Addressing spouses' disabilities, caregiver issues, bereavement, isolation, loneliness...
~ Pickleball: Friendly, non-competitive game for men, women, couples, to be played during the day either on Oak Park or Newbury Park outdoor public courts. Fun way to add some mild exercise into your monthly/bi-monthly or weekly schedules. Day/time to be determined by the group
~ Instructional Mahj: Interested in learning the game? Interested in offering instructions?
~ Instructional Canasta: Interested in learning the game? *Interested in offering instructions?
~ Pan Players: A new group would like to start!
~ Canasta Players: Need a bit more support to create a game of experienced players. Are you willing to give instructions to start a beginners group?

Social Justice Focus

Thank you to our members who participated in our last month's Diaper Bank Drive. We are pleased to have been able to assist our local community outreach.

Your generous donations can be dropped off at Janet's house or directly in the driveway of the Diaper Bank: 316 Baxter St. Newbury Park (corner of Baxter/Daniel). We can easily pick up your donations at your home if need be.

For September, we will be collecting all the newspaper comics/magazines you have been accumulating for so very long. We are pleased to lend our support to For Our Troops. Please contact us to drop off your stash, or if more convenient, we are happy to pick up your donations from your front porch.

Looking forward to forthcoming community service opportunities with the continued support of our members.

Penny Greenblatt - or
Janet Brasler -

We will be generating waiting lists for the other groups.




Alumni, parents, Brandeis National Committee members and friends are invited to participate in these virtual programs! All events take place online via Zoom.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions on joining the event via Zoom.

CLICK HERE FOR COMPREHENSIVE LIST of study groups so you can "shop around".

Not all groups are operating during COVID-19 shut-down, but many are creative and keeping on line regular meetings. Contact the appropriate Study Group VP if you want to set up on-line or zoom connection for your group!

CLICK HERE FOR FULL Study Group Schedule: 8-2021


Contact us if this or any other on the Study Group list interests you. Also check out the web site on regular bases to see more of what is available.

We also feel that there are a few groups that really need defining:

"On the Town" groups go someplace exciting and interesting every month. That includes educational, recreational, dining, crafts, and charity excursions.

"Pot Pourri" groups are a combination of events. They include trips to places you will enjoy and discussion and demonstrations of interest.

"Life and Times" groups" discuss first a "woman of history" and then a topic of interest. These can range from what a first aid kit should include to an era in history.

"Lunch & Learn" group members enjoy a great lunch and a lecture from a person of interest arranged by the group's members.

Remember, if you have a question about any Study Group, contact the appropriate V.P.

Just a quick reminder. All those checks you are making out for Study Groups, don't forget to make them out to: "Brandeis University".

And, by the way, don't forget to renew your membership by either mailing in your check to National or online at


Pam Muler -
(click here to send email directly to Pam Muler)
(click here to send email directly to FLORENCE)
(click here to send email directly to JANET)

Contact for Tribute Cards:
Florence Prushan -

and order Brent's Cards:
Jackie Kantor - the San Fernando Valley and Calabasas)
and Carol Smith - (for Westlake, Thousand Oaks and Agoura)

If you have a Study Group in mind, please fill this form and send/give to one of our Study Group VP's

Study group Request Form to join a new group.(pdf. format)

Updates and Photos from various Study Groups:

(click on the images to enlarge)
Daytime Divas attending the Cedars-Sinai Simulation Lab, to see state of the art equipment and presentation of latest mediacal traning facility.
November 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Bits N-Pieces Potpourri Group
November 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Bailey helps Elaine Blonder lead the discussion at Breaking News, a current events discussion group.- January 2020

(click on the images to enlarge)
Daytime Divas at Van Nuys Airport
September 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Bits N-Pieces Potpourri Group
October 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Bits N-Pieces Potpourri Group
October 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Daytime Divas at Braille Institute
June 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Daytime Trotters and fireman
July 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Women Behind The Presidents
August 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)

Funseekers - LA arboretum carriage house - April 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)

Shabatnkcs celebrating birthdays and anniversary before attending Sabbath Service - May 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)

Men Unlimited - Men's on the town group - touring the Boeing Santa Susana Laboratory site on - May 2019

(click on the images to enlarge)
Gadabaut On The Town couples group visiting Fire station and learning how the station operates, how Firefighters live, eat and what are their range of duties - March 2019
Divas New Horizons thanks You!
Good afternoon ladies, It was a pleasure giving you a tour of our campus this morning. We hope you will continue to have New horizons in mind and the 1800 individuals with specials needs that we serve.
Attached is the group picture we took today, and a link to our website if you'll like to learn more about us. We hope you'll get involved and become a supporter.
Have a nice afternoon!

Shade Mokuolu
Community Engagement Manager
New Horizons - 15725 Parthenia Street., North Hills, CA 91343

Legal Eyes is a new legal puzzler group.

We are eleven women who enjoy studying legal cases, past and present. Our energetic discussions include debating about our judicial system, the philosophy of the law, and the frustrations inherent in trying to separate legalities from "fairness/justice."

We are learning quite a bit about the law as well as what it takes to come to fair and just decisions.


Are you Puzzled about what Legal Puzzlers Study Groups are all about?

Our group has been in existence for over ten years, meeting each month at a different member's home. The hostess is responsible for providing the topic for discussion. Our format is constantly changing with the times. We may debate legal issues regarding the current government policies, discuss a supreme court case, watch a movie pertaining to a legal issue, or have a guest speaker. We become the best of what a jury should be.
Laraine Karelitz and Sue Ruttenberg Kessler,
Co Leaders
Brandeis Players in its seventh year is led by Sid Wilner, a professional actor.
Sid has been a member of SAG/AFTRA and AEA for 35 years. His very extensive resume includes roles in Movie, TV and Theatre productions. None of the members in the group are actors. No critics, Do your best... Just have fun and enjoy!! We meet every month on the 4th-Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Scripts are then distributed for the following month. The roles for the reading assigned one week prior to the meeting via e-mail. For most scripts you will have multiple roles. And this is important...No "Stars" Everyone will read about the same amount of lines.
Sid Wilner

Life and Times:
A Study Group to Pique Your Interest!
Life and Times

Life & Times is a great group of women who meet to discuss both notable women in history and topics of interest to all of us. Each month the person who is hosting the meeting does a short bio on a woman she admires, followed by a report on a topic of interest to her. Past topics have included women inventors, art history, women poets, stroke awareness, recycling, heart health, and Jews in China. Our presentations are followed by lively discussions. We avoid political and personal topics.
For more information please contact our leader,
Sharon Cohen,

Literary Potpourri celebrating their Anniversary, with the same people as they started with.

We are a book group that was established as a Valley Group and later moved into Conejo Valley.

Our Leader is Sherrie Weisman